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one litte word

I am always ready to learn, though I do not always like being taught. – Winston Churchill


Choosing a ‘word of the year’ is something that’s been going around the blogosphere for awhile now. I was inspired to do the same, on a whim, when Wardee shared her word and asked who else had chosen one word to focus on for the year. Right then, I decided that I would do it. And my word would be Learn.

I want to learn so much this year, about so many things.

I want to learn more about my God – who He is, what He wants me to do, how He wants me to live. l want to learn to love Him more. I want to learn more about using herbs to stay healthy, by taking the Family Herbalist course from the School Of Natural Healing. I want to learn how to use my camera in manual mode, instead of Aperture Priority. I want to learn how to give my body the nutrients it needs for optimal health. I want to learn how to successfully lacto-ferment and enjoy eating what I’ve made. I want to learn how to make macarons. I want to learn how to manage my time better. I want to learn how to manage my money better. I want to learn as many of the things on this list that I don’t already know how to do, like how to butcher a chicken. I want to learn to enjoy gardening. I want to learn… learn so many things. I want to end the year with more wisdom and knowledge that I started it with.

What about you?

psst – I’m doing a photo project again this year – shooting on the even dates. see them on my flickr photostream

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  1. Taylor says:

    LINDSEY, you are too cute!! I LOVE when other friends have blogs too, I can’t wait to read more :)

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