Mr. Espresso


As I’ve mentioned before, I quite like a good cup of coffee. Usually black, but occasionally I’ll get a hankering for a latte or cappuccino, and sometimes I’ll give in to myself and buy one from Sheetz or Starbucks, ignoring the voice of reason that says “but Lindsey, those things are full of non-real food, processed junk!”

A few years ago I purchased a Bialetti Moka pot,* and I’ve used it every so often to make myself a specialty coffee, along with a rotary beater to froth the milk a bit. It works, but frankly it’s quite inconvenient. So I decided I’d start saving up for a nice electric espresso maker with a frothing wand. I didn’t need anything too fancy, just something a bit easier and faster to use, so I could have a nice cuppa made with real food ingredients like raw milk, homemade syrups, and natural sweeteners.

However, it seemed like every time I’d saved enough extra money for one, some other unexpected expense required my attention (that’s adulthood for ya) and I’d have to start all over again. I’d  check Target when I went in just in case they were on sale, and a few times I almost bought one at the regular price, but I decided it wasn’t a priority and I could wait a bit longer.

Yesterday, we went to a few thrift shops in town, as I am looking for a pair of silver sandals to wear at my friend’s wedding. I didn’t find any shoes, but I found a few nice tops, and as I was standing in line to check out, the thought popped into my head that I should check and see if they had an espresso machine. Now, I don’t know why, but I never really thought to look for one at thrift shops before… but I looked over at the shelf where the appliances were and there it was!


I walked over to check the price tag, figuring it would be about $20 based on what I know this model retails for. I took a look at the sticker – and what a surprise! $7.50! I checked the manual and all the parts were there, and even though I didn’t know if it would work or not, it came home with me on the hope that if it didn’t work, the previous owners would have just recycled it or thrown it out, rather than donating it. I had the chance to try it out today, and yes! It works!

I think there’s a little lesson in my thrift store find story. It may seem a rather silly thing, but I believe the Lord knew I wanted one, so He provided this to bless me. It’s not something I needed, not even something I deserved, but He did it anyway, because He knew it’d make me happy. Isn’t He Wonderful?

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  1. Natalia says:

    Hi Linz, I just came across a post and it was oddly familiar. I think God likes coffee! I hope you enjoy! …

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